Lately year, smart electric vehicle charging station is gradually formed and developed in localities in the country. These charging stations meet the demand for electric vehicles in Vietnam, providing timely electricity for vehicles traveling long distances between provinces. 

FOCUS SOLAR provide solutions Smart electric vehicle charging station integrated solar panels on the roof and energy storage system. This will be an effective solution for investors and users alike.

Trạm sạc xe điện thông minh

Features of smart electric vehicle charging station

trạm sạc xe điện tiết kiệm và hiệu quả

Economical and efficient

The solar panel system installed on the roof creates a stable power source, improving the power distribution capacity of the charging stations. The system saves electricity costs for both investors and users.

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The system has integrated functions of power generation, energy storage and power consumption. The system operates flexibly in many modes and is designed to suit many installation terrains.


Electric vehicle charging stations can be controlled locally or remotely via a centralized micro-network.

Cung cấp điện năng kịp thời cho xe điện

Timely power supply

The energy storage system can provide timely power to critical loads of electric vehicle chargers.

Smart electric vehicle charging station application

(1) On expressways and intercity roads to ensure timely and economical energy supply. The current, Vinfast has built a network of electric vehicle charging stations to serve customers using electric cars. Integrating solar panels on the roof at these charging stations will provide a smart and efficient solution, helping to save charging costs for electric vehicle users.

(2) Bus toll station or public toll station, taking advantage of the idle area to improve the use efficiency and added value for the city.

(3) The roof, the company's garage to serve employees to charge electric vehicles during working hours.

Trạm sạc xe điện cho nhân viên ở công ty
Electric vehicle charging station at the company for employees to charge electric vehicles.

(4) Family roof to store solar electricity during the day, charge the car at night. Mini electric car charging station at home is the ideal solution for households that prefer Vinfast's electric cars.

trạm sạc thông minh
 Mini electric charging station at home

Working mechanism of smart electric vehicle charging station

Sơ đồ cơ chế hoạt động của trạm sạc điện thông minh
Diagram of the working mechanism of an electric vehicle charging station.

During peak hours of the day, the charging station uses energy generated from the solar power system. Excess energy is stored in the energy storage system. After sufficient storage, excess solar power is fed back to the grid.

When the solar power is not enough or at night, the energy storage system will generate electricity for the charging station to use. In case the stored electricity runs out, the new system will use the grid.

Other solutions

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