Fire protection equipment for emergency switching for solar power

Currently, Vietnam has no regulations and standards for fire protection for solar power systems. However, the Fire Prevention and Fighting Police Department and CHCN have guidelines for the design appraisal and approval of solar power fire protection for solar power plants and rooftop solar power systems at Official letter No. 3288/CP07-P4. In which, investors are recommended to choose suitable solar power equipment and implement effective solutions to ensure fire safety.

FOCUS SOLAR introduce BFS-S Series Emergency Circuit Breakersis a string-level load disconnect device to protect the solar system. The device should be installed on the terrace or near the solar panels. Help timely detection and quick and effective response to emergency situations.

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Figure 1: BFS-S Series Emergency Circuit Breakers.


Regular activities:

  • When AC power leads to the BFS-S being disconnected. The BFS-S will automatically OFF and disconnect the DC between the solar panels and the inverter.
  • After the AC power to the BFS-S is restored. The BFS-S will turn ON automatically, restoring the DC connection between the solar panels and the inverter.

Emergency situation:

Automatically disconnect DC when the temperature is abnormally high:

  • BFS-S will automatically TURN OFF when the temperature exceeds 85°C. Disconnect the DC between the solar panels and the inverter, to protect the internal components and create a safe situation.
  • BFS-S will automatically ON khi temperature drops back below 75°C. Restore the DC connection between the solar panels and the inverter.

Turn off manually in case of quick troubleshooting:

  • In case of emergency, press the emergency button (red), BFS-S performs a quick power off, disconnecting the DC between the solar panels and the inverter.

Figure 2: Advantages of solar power equipment.


  • Protecting the safety of the solar power system thanks to the function fast shut-off when system temperature is high (above 85°C) => reduce the risk of fire and explosion of solar power.
  • Quickly detect a series of panels with heat problems => save costs for system inspection and troubleshooting.
  • Protecting the safety of technicians operating, maintaining and maintaining the system thanks to the function of automatically disconnecting DC when AC power is off => limiting the risk of electric shock, ensuring labor safety.


  • Maximum DC voltage 1,500V
  • DC current 50A . max
  • IP66 aluminum housing with breathing valve
  • Protective cover available for rooftop mounting
  • Original MC4 Connector Plug and Play

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