Monitoring control and data acquisition (SCADA, SMART-BMS)

Smart control monitoring – Smart SCADA

Monitoring control and data acquisition from all equipment in the factory, monitor all activities, monitor the occurrence of errors, in order to optimize the operation process. SCADA is applied in industrial plants and manages solar power plants with efficient and stable operation.

SCADA Center for remote control 

Industrial automation solutions for solar power plants around the world, remote control monitoring centers (SCADA Centers) based on industrial servers to manage and operate plants solar power.

This solution helps to store long-term data; thus, maximum security for communication topologies with the help of a redundant server (optional).

All data is measured, stored, processed and displayed in real time on site. This facilitates the detection and locating of faults (if any) quickly and efficiently.

Time-accurate analytics, system-specific energy diagrams, responsive alarm management and user-friendly interfaces create a solution that's right for every project.

Smart building management system – Smart BMS

  • The ideal monitoring and control platform for large buildings and campuses
  • Substantial energy savings
  • Supports a variety of protocols including: BACnet, LonWorks, KNX, ...
  • Control a wide range of additional systems including: surveillance cameras, elevators and alarm systems

Smart building management system – PULSE™ Smart BMS is a software solution designed to manage the electromechanical systems of large buildings and campuses. PULSE™ Smart BMS will:

  • Room level control
  • Monitor and target efficient energy consumption
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Improved plant reliability and lifecycle
  • Respond effectively to heating, ventilation and air conditioning problems
  • Save time and money during maintenance
  • Use the new cloud utility for big data analytics to enable intelligent management of building control systems.