These Terms of Use are the terms and conditions of the relationship and responsibilities of Focus Smart Technology Solutions Joint Stock Company and Customers in providing and using information and services on the website


“FOCUS SOLAR” is Focus Smart Technology Solutions Joint Stock Company, the management and all employees.

“Customers” are individuals, organizations, or anyone who accesses and uses in any form.

“Site” means the website, including the linked pages for products and services of

“Terms” are the terms and conditions that visitors to need to abide by. Customers using the Website automatically understand that they have read and understood the terms of use of the Website, agreeing to the provisions set forth voluntarily.


FOCUS SOLAR warrants that, all information and data related to products, services, utilities or other content (hereinafter referred to as “Information”) on the Website, is provided with confidence. the highest, but the information is only for reference value for users. And so, FOCUS SOLAR does not bear any responsibility to anyone related to the use of information contained on the Website.

For the Information provided at the Website, the Customer needs to self-categorize to suit each specific purpose before making a decision on use or related decisions. Nothing in this Website shall constitute an invitation to invest in securities or to invest in any financial product. Therefore, the Customer's use of the Website's Information is at its own risk.

FOCUS SOLAR will not be liable for any damage or injury arising in connection with or resulting from use or failure to use the Website, including direct or indirect damages such as loss or data corruption; loss or damage, computer malfunction; …

Nothing in this agreement can be guaranteed that, the Customer's use of the Information and services provided by FOCUS SOLAR at the Website will not infringe the invention, proprietary or intellectual property rights or violate other regulations. Therefore, FOCUS SOLAR does not warrant any guarantee that the Customer's use of the foregoing will not infringe any patent, proprietary, intellectual property or other regulatory rights.

The Site Information does not constitute an offer or solicitation to anyone. This information is also not aimed at any form of investment advertising, advice or dissemination of information that is contrary to the provisions of the law of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. If violated, such Information will not be considered as legitimate information.

Use of the Site and its contents is at the sole risk of any visitor, including the Customer. Neither the information nor the views expressed on the Website content constitute any solicitation or solicitation by FOCUS SOLAR as to investment advice, purchase or sale of any securities or financial instruments for the FOCUS SOLAR or other objects. Investments discussed or featured in research and analysis reports… may not be suitable for all investors.

Therefore, investors should make their own investment decisions based on their specific investment goals and personal financial capabilities, including the use of professional and independent advisors if they deem it necessary. set. In addition, the content of articles and data interpretations are only the subjective views of the provider, therefore, users should only use articles and data on the Website as reference information. .

FOCUS SOLAR shall not be liable for any misrepresentation, misrepresentation or deception with respect to any information, products or services on the Website, including similar services advertised on the Website. .

FOCUS SOLAR shall not be liable if Customer downloads information or software from the Website. Furthermore, FOCUS SOLAR shall not be liable if the Customer copies, modifies, uploads, downloads, transmits, (re)publishes, deletes or obscures any intellectual property, including your delivery of any services or content from the Website. FOCUS SOLAR shall not be liable if the Customer alters the content or uses the content and services obtained from the Site for any purpose other than those authorized. By violating the contents of these Terms, Customer has infringed the intellectual property including trademarks, proprietary rights and proprietary registered products of FOCUS SOLAR.

The entire Website and its contents and specific details are owned by FOCUS SOLAR, protected under the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Subject to operational requirements, FOCUS SOLAR may make overall adjustments to the use of the Website or its contents without prior notice. In these cases, FOCUS SOLAR also does not accept any responsibility for any damage caused by changes to the Website.

These disclaimers shall apply to any person browsing/accessing the Website and/or Customer entering into an agreement relating to benefits from the Services provided by FOCUS SOLAR.

Users must follow the instructions and instructions to use the Website fully and properly and must not have any illegal or unethical behavior in using the Website. In the process of using the Website, if the user has any behavior that causes damage to the Website or FOCUS SOLAR or it is illegal, social ethics, the user must take full responsibility. before the law and be handled in accordance with the law. FOCUS SOLAR reserves the right to take all necessary measures as understood by FOCUS SOLAR to prevent and eliminate such misconduct.


In the event that any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, illegal or unapplicable, that shall be deemed to have been removed from these Terms and Conditions. stated terms and conditions, and the remaining Terms and Conditions will remain in full force and effect.

The FOCUS SOLAR Disclaimer Terms shall apply to any person browsing/accessing the Website and/or entering into an agreement with respect to benefits arising from the Services provided by FOCUS SOLAR.

Terms of use governing the individual Services will be posted on specific pages dedicated to the relevant Services on the Site. If the Customer transacts/uses any of the Services, they will be deemed to have accepted the Terms relating to such products and, at the same time, the Terms herein.

FOCUS SOLAR reserves the right to develop, amend and supplement regulations on use of the Website or regulations on the use of specific content of the Website at any time as required by the management and operation of the Website. These new terms of use will take effect immediately when posted on the Website and shall be understood as having consent of the user when the user accesses the Website.


These Terms of Use are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Vietnam. Any dispute arising in connection with these Terms of Use, or any dispute arising in connection with the Website, may be submitted to the competent courts located in Hanoi, Vietnam for settlement.