Hybrid Inverter (also known as mixed inverter/inverter) is a device that converts photovoltaic power into electricity for households and businesses to use independently of the grid. The current, Hybrid Inverter divided into 2 types: on & off grid or off grid. Both types of inverters are capable of operating independently of the grid and store energy in GEL or Lithium batteries.

FOCUS SOLAR researched, researched and tested the products Hybrid Inverter on the market. From that, FOCUS SOLAR distributes products, manufactured directly by the factory with quality certificates, patents, and clear origins.

1. Small capacity Hybrid Inverter

ANERN hybrid inverter (độc lập - offgrid) 3.5kw/5.5kw

ANERN hybrid inverter (standalone – offgrid) 3.5kw/5.5kw

  • Power: 3.5kw/5.5kw
  • AC Input: 230VAC/230VAC
  • Frequency: 50Hz/50Hz
  • Maximum PV charging power: 5000W/6000W
  • DC input: 24V/48V
  • Battery 24V/48V (no battery needed)
  • WIFI

SOROTEC hybrid inverter (grid-on&offgrid) 3kw/5.5kw

  • Power: 3KW/5.5KW
  • PV input: 500VDC (Pmax 3000w/5500W)
  • Specification: IP65
  • Lightning protection device (built-in)
  • Battery 24V/48V (no battery needed)
  • WIFI

2. Hybrid inverter High power

ATESS 1 pha hybrid inverter (hòa lưới - on/offgrid) 5kw/7.5kw/10kw

ATESS 1 phase hybrid inverter (on/offgrid) 5kw/7.5kw/10kw

AC (Grid-connected) and AC (Off-grid)

  • Power: 5kw/7.5kw/10kw
  • PV input: 600/750/750VDC (Pmax 6.25kw/9.4kw/12.5kw)
  • AC input: 230VAC
  • Rated Current: 21.5A/32.6A/43.4A

DC (Battery and PV)

  • Max DC input: 600VDC//750VDC/750VDC
  • PV voltage range: 125VDC-550V/370VDC-600V/370VDC-600VDC
  • Maximum charge current/Max discharge current: 25A
ATESS 3 pha hybrid inverter (hòa lưới - on/offgrid) 30kw /50kw /100kw /120kw /150kw

ATESS 3 phase hybrid inverter (grid-on/offgrid) 30kw /50kw /100kw /120kw /150kw

AC (Grid-connected) and AC (Off-grid)

  • Power: 33kw/55kw/110kw/132kw/165kw
  • PV input: 1000VDC
  • AC input: 400VAC
  • Rated Current: 43A/72A/144A/173A/217A

DC (Battery and PV)

  • Max DC input: 1000VDC
  • PV voltage range: 480VDC-800VDC
  • Maximum charging power: 45kw/75kw/150kw/180kw/225kw
  • Maximum charging current: 100A/150A/300A/350A/450A
  • Maximum discharge current: 93A/156A/313A/374A/467A
Hệ thống lưu trữ năng lượng công suất lớn (Commercial solar hybrid system)

Commercial solar hybrid system

Electric energy storage system: 50KW-100KW

Rated power: 50kVA-100kVA – 3 phase

Configuration: 2-way switch

AC output:

  • Voltage: 400V
  • AC voltage range: 358V-438V
  • AC voltage frequency range: 45Hz-55Hz
  • Regulated voltage: +-1%
  • Frequency: 50 or 60Hz +-0.1Hz

3. GEL battery pack

GEL battery pack 12V/40AH

GEL battery pack 12V/150AH

GEL battery pack 12V/200AH

Ắc quy gel

GEL battery pack 12V/250AH

4. DC-AC . Power Adapter

Solar charge - điện mặt trời

Wonder1-150 MPPT Solar Charge Controller (10A-100A)

Solar Charge Controller (50A/100A)

Wonder1-HV MPPT Solar Charge Controller (50A/100A)

DP Inverter Charge/Solar Inverter Charge (1KW-7KW)