Solar power storage is gradually becoming a necessity of businesses and households today. This stems from the need to proactively manage energy, especially during power outages or grid failures or when there is no electricity in the locality. FOCUS SOLAR provide this solution to help customers enjoy the maximum benefits of solar power.

1. Introduction to combined energy storage system SOLAR – ESS – EV CHARGER

Combined energy storage system SOLAR – ESS – EV CHARGER is an extremely effective solution not only for factories but also for households with high demand for electricity at night. This system consists of solar panels and hybrid inverter (standalone type with archive function) combined with the Lithium battery, will ensure that no solar energy is wasted.

  • Solar is used directly for loads in factories, families, electric vehicle chargers, residual solar chargers for Battery.
  • When Solar is not enough to supply the load, it takes power from the battery to provide it.
  • Peak hours (9h30-11h30, 17h-20h) powered by battery supply.
  • Low hour charging for battery or charging from solar.

2. Main Equipments:


inverter lưu trữ scu



điện mặt trời tấm pin n-type Jinko

Solar Panel

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