FOCUS SOLAR provide Solar power equipment and solutions Officially imported from factories with over 10 years of experience in the field of Solar. FOCUS SOLAR has inspected the manufacturing plants to ensure the design technical standards and international standards, has a research team to ensure the development of the lines Good solar products, reasonable price.

FOCUS SOLAR import and quality and performance testing of solar products according to actual conditions before supplying and installing to customers. FOCUS SOLAR ensuring solar power solutions will achieve optimal performance and bring the highest power capacity, ensuring economic efficiency for customers.

FOCUS SOLAR always bring the core values are sustainable, effective solutions – high quality products – best customer care service. FOCUS SOLAR always welcome and provide technical support - service for customers who are using products provided by other partners as well as products of all manufacturers.

FOCUS SOLAR Focus on developing the following areas:

  1. Rooftop solar power (Grid-connected)

  2. Grid-tie or off-grid solar power for self-use for factories

  3. Solar power Smart storage for household, office replacement UPS

  4. Solar power storage used in farms in remote areas, islands without electricity

  5. Solar power for BTS transceiver stations

  6. Solar power for electric vehicle battery charging stations

  7. Synchronous control of generators, to reduce power generation, save fuel

  8. Data collection and monitoring system for solar rooftop projects (SCADA)

  9. Power control system to the grid – ZERO EXPORT

  10. Smart metering system for power consumption, monitoring electricity consumption, reducing electricity costs

  11. SCADA for smart factories, smart management for solar plants

  12. BMS building management, hospital

  13. Smart city – IOT-SMART CITY

  14. EPC general contractor for solar power projects

  15. Investing in solar power to supply factories (PPA)

  16. Energy project design and management consulting

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Enterprises & Factories

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Solar electricity is obtained from the energy of the solar radiation stream (photovoltaic). Photovoltaic energy is absorbed directly through the solar panel and converted into electricity (DC - DC), which is connected to an inverter (Inverter) that converts direct current into alternating current (AC). The converted AC power is directly connected to the existing grid power system, so it is called a grid-tied solar power system.

During the day, priority is given to equipment using solar power (so electricity consumption should be completely reduced during the day).

Excess solar power is generated back to the grid and recorded by a 2-way electricity meter and EVN will return the excess electricity at a unit price of VND 1,943/KWh (in 2020).

There is no solar power at night or when solar power is not enough, use the grid and pay for it EVN at the prescribed price.


Here is a simple diagram showing how to generate clean electricity more affordable from solar power through the system. FOCUS installation for your business.

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1 Solar panels (PV module/Solar panel)

Solar panels consist of photovoltaic cells (PV cells) that convert sunlight into direct current (DC).

2 Solar inverter (Ongrid/Offgrid inverter)

This device converts direct current (DC) generated by solar panels into alternating current (AC) connected to the grid and consumed loads.

3 Electrical Cabinet (DC Combiner Box)

AC power from the inverter goes to the electrical cabinet to supply equipment and to the power grid. The switchboard has the function of protecting against AC surge, monitoring and controlling the equipment to switch off the solar power source. .

4 System electricity meter

The meter measures the amount of solar electricity generated.

5 Grid electricity meter

Solar power is connected to the grid and the load. During the day, the load is prioritized to use solar power generated, At night or when solar power is not enough, the load uses grid electricity.

Therefore, the grid meter has a 2-way function, one way records the amount of power consumed by the load at night, and the other way records the value of excess solar power generated back to the grid during the day. Thus, EVN will charge for electricity consumed at night; at the same time pay back for the amount of solar electricity emitted into the grid during the day.

6 24/7 surveillance system

FOCUS SOLAR's monitoring system continuously monitors the system's power production and transmits information over the internet to remotely monitor the system and control the AC switchboard. This ensures that the solar power system operates efficiently and if there is a problem, FOCUS SOLAR will immediately shut down the system; at the same time arrange technicians to handle timely.
The solar power system is always monitored and controlled remotely, ensuring good operation, without affecting the customer's electrical system.


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♥ Fast payback time from 4-6 years, starting from the 7th - 8th year onwards, customers have been able to use solar power for free, the following years will start to be profitable.

♥ Product use > 25 years.


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Presently FOCUS SOLAR currently operating in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang, and is planning to expand further.


FOCUS SOLAR is always ready to support and advise customers to choose the best and most suitable solar power products and solutions.


Solar power products FOCUS provided are officially imported from factories with more than 10 years of experience in the field of Solar


We have a team of technicians and engineers to provide warranty, repair, and customer support both before and after installing the solar power system.


Guaranteed and reliable after-sales service and warranty policy.