Currently, the rapid development of solar power plants has affected the parameters of the power grid such as voltage, frequency, power factor... This comes from the reasons that the This plant is directly connected to the national grid. However, the management system of the national power grid has not been able to monitor and manage these plants. FOCUS SOLAR show power plant control solution with two main purposes:

  • Investors manage and operate solar power plants easily and efficiently.
  • Local Power companies collect all data from solar power plants and have a plan to coordinate, control and operate the power grid safely and efficiently.

1. Power plant control features provide:

– PPC is a Power Plant Monitoring and Control (SCADA) system designed for medium and large scale solar power plant applications (from 50KW to several hundred MW).

– PPC can integrate a solar power plant with a battery storage system (BESS) and several diesel generators.

– PPC is a fully customized solution, adapted to the specific needs of the project.

giải pháp power plant control cho một nhà máy NLMT riêng lẻ - FOCUS SOLAR

Figure 1. Power plant control system for individual plants.

2. Main features of power plant control:

Collect and control all data and alerts from electricity meters, inverters, generators and integrate weather stations.

– Operating the system through the website

– The system operates according to each level: user, installer, operation and control center of the Electricity company.

– Comply with the grid code of Vietnam, while maximizing the generating capacity of the inverter

– Control of grid parameters such as voltage and frequency.

– Transfer load, optimize consumption, ensure efficient use of solar electricity, minimize generator capacity to reduce fuel costs.

giải pháp power plant control cho tổng thể các nhà máy NLMT

Figure 2. Power plant control system helps Electricity company manage many solar power plants

– Turn off all generating sets and ensure rotation of energy storage by Energy Storage System – ESS (Energy Storage System). The use of ESS allows:

  • Increase solar energy storage rate
  • Stabilize on-grid solar energy production
  • Adjust voltage and frequency to local grid

Depending on the customer's needs or the electricity company's grid protection requirements, the ESS solution has the function of stabilizing or supporting the operation of the solar power system.

Hệ thống lưu trữ năng lượng điện ESS

Figure 3. Energy storage system – ESS

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