FOCUS proud to be the leading importer and distributor of Solar and lighting equipment in China, Korea, and Germany in Vietnam. We look forward to sharing the opportunity to cooperate with all Customers with business needs in the spirit of win-win team.


Agent policy of FOCUS SOLAR:

1. Discount

Discounts range from 10% to 40%/retail price (depending on product). The discount can be increased when the Dealer reaches sales in a month (apply for discounted product line 40%):

  • Sales of over 30 million, an additional discount of 3%
  • If the sales are over 60 million, an additional discount of 5% will be applied
  • If sales reach over 100 million, an additional discount of 7% will be applied

2. Origin

Solar devices, lights FOCUS manufactured in factories in China, Europe and Vietnam.
Depending on the product line, the place of production may be different; however, still ensure strict technology standards and specifications.

3. Shipping method

Area Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang: Delivery – door to door.
Other Areas: Free delivery with orders from 30 million. Delivery by car or post office.

4. Warranty Policy

All products made by FOCUS Distributors are warranted according to the time specified in the quotation (first 12 months of warranty 1 change). 1 and the following months warranty repair at branches of Focus). Shipping costs for warranty items are borne by the customer.

Conditions not covered by the warranty:

  • The product is out of warranty period.
  • Equipment damage due to mechanical impact, deformation, fall, breakage, impact, scratches, damage due to moisture, rust, water leakage, animal intrusion or force majeure events such as natural disasters , fire, explosion or human damage.
  • Intentional or negligent damage of the purchaser; installation, misuse, improper technique; misuse or abuse of function of the goods; do not maintain environmental conditions according to the manufacturer's instructions. Arbitrarily disassemble and repair.

Warranty compensation policy:

  • Since products are constantly changing models and technical features, it may happen that after a long period of use, some models stop production and no replacement parts are available. Therefore, in the event of force majeure, your product is still under warranty and is damaged but the manufacturer cannot find replacement parts, the policy of replacing your product will be applied. another similar product with the same warranty period and conditions as the product in use.

Terms of exchange:

  • Due to the wrong delivery by the staff: Product code, light color, ... wrong with the model requested by the customer.
  • Returned products must be unused, with tags, labels, and scratches intact.
  • You are free to return the goods within 90 (ninety) days after receiving the goods, please contact the company's sales staff to inform the product status, if there is a fault, or the customer Dealers can't sell. If more than 90 (ninety) days, please do not return the goods.

We look forward to cooperating with you!

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